Command Center in Voxel

Project: Armament
Role: Game Artist 3D
Completed: 78.55 Cpl Daniel de la Rosa Game Artist 3D
Start Date: 10/12/2018 08:41
End Date: 11/9/2018 09:34
We need to remake the Command Center using Voxel. The original can be found here

Complete Task
0.50 HR.
research looking at your examples.

3.00 HR.
Finished w/ the Command Center.Command Center - Overhead screenshot


Hiya Daniel. How're things with this agenda?

aargh, I responded to the wrong page.  It's finished.  I am uploading it now.

Excuse me, but I erred.  THe Command Center asset I uploaded didn't have everything selected, so the file is incomplete.  I need to re-upload the command center fbx file.

No worries. I'll set the agenda back to 'in progress' so you can access it and redo the upload.