Testing Animation Methods

Project: Armament
Role: Game Animator
In Progress: 114.00 Cpl Lead Aaron Francis Game Animator
Start Date: 9/24/2018 10:38
End Date: 10/8/2018 10:38

This is a multipurpose agenda to document the asset creation process for 3d and animation as it is now.

This agenda will include
1- Tank remodeling
2- Tank animating
3- Programming of the Tank in Unity
4- Create a flowchart of the animation here:  https://sketchboard.me/LBegOdP1ebyr#/
5- Create a wiki listing steps taken here: http://www.thoucurator.com/wiki/viewwiki?wikiid=134
Testing Animation Methods

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Complete Task
6.00 HR.
Front of Tracks have been animated, still need to do the wheels. Still needs touch ups on cycling as it is a bit rough. I have been thoroughly Testing wrong and right ways to go about model creation, animation, implementation into Unity's Editor, and finally into mecanim to be blended and then programmed. This will be updated soon in the wiki as well as the basis for a flowchart.

5.00 HR.
Finding best way to optimize Model with the most efficiency and ease. Research and lots of trial and error. 

3.00 HR.
Fix Geometry and Re-Model.

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