Asset Creation Wiki

Project: Armament
Role: Game Producer
Completed: 8149.59 WO Tessa Toney Game Producer
Start Date: 9/14/2018 15:37
End Date: 9/18/2018 17:32
We need an organized list of the assets we need to create that will show which elements for each is and is not present.
Asset Creation Wiki

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Complete Task
3.03 HR.
Wiki created. Some of the formatting still needs work.  Assets and their elements that have already been created need to be checked off.
Asset Creation Completion Checklist

1.08 HR.
Some formatting changes made. Although it is difficult to tell with the caching issue how many of the changes are actually showing, all the lettering is now legible.

7.00 HR.
Working on bringing all the lists together. We have multiple codex wikis and still multiple assets that are not listed on any of them.  Also working on the format which is difficult because I can't access the site css.

2.00 HR.
After spending a lot of time attempting to organize the information for this wiki it has become apparent that there has to be a more efficient way to track what has and hasn't been done. A new system will be implemented in the new site design that will acquire this information through sql queries.

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