Social Media Thumbnails for YouTube

Project: Armament
Role: Game Artist 2D
Completed: 8149.59 WO Tessa Toney Game Producer
Start Date: 9/9/2018 13:26
End Date: 9/10/2018 09:58
We need Thumbnails to represent the videos we will be uploading to YouTube.

Complete Task
3.00 HR.
I have uploaded an example of a possible thumbnail to represent the weekly meeting uploaded to YouTube yesterday.  I don't want to use this for anything other than an example because it shows video times at the bottom and other stats at the top. I need a better crop of an image for the background. However, the template is solid.  The template includes three layers. The thumbnail, the logo for branding, and the text layer for easy customization each week. I have to check with sizing requirements on YouTube to make sure it's not going to be too big.

1.30 HR.
The template has been completed and YouTube videos now have thumbnails. I will upload the template.

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