Tank Animation Turret

Project: Armament
Role: Game Animator
Completed: 236.30 Sgt Lead Aaron Francis Game Animator
Start Date: 9/29/2018 09:07
End Date: 10/13/2018 09:07
Tank Animation for http://www.thoucurator.com/agenda/viewagenda?agendaid=1839 

Just the turret for now, with the ability to turn left and right 360°.

Complete Task
2.00 HR.
Looking into tutorials for Unity and Mecanim to understand how they interface.

5.00 HR.
Looking further into Mecanim and Unity.

This was interrupted when I noticed some flaws w/ my tank model when it comes to animating the wheels.

So I remade 2 tanks, one for an animated tread and one for just animated wheels and a solid tread.  Still considered research as it was discovered while working on this agenda.

3.00 HR.
I didn't want to start this w/o knowing which model of tank I should use, and I didn't want to turn in the tread model w/o the calculations, so I made them. 

The reason that I made these calculations, in this instance, was due to the complexity of the maneuver and discontent w/ my own work.  Hopefully, I presented these in a way that can be easily interpreted, and they do present some standards for calculating distance from rotation.Tread calculations page 1Tread Calculations page 2


Hiya Daniel. I don't see any time submitted in the time logger. How are things going?

It's not going well.

I was looking into how to animate this when I noticed some issues w/ the tank models I turned in.

I also saw an agenda for animating the treads, and I
thought you would want to be using the same tank, otherwise you would have to import a piece and put it together in another software.

So, i remade 2 versions, one for animated treads and one for fixed treads and moving wheels.

I didn't want to turn in the tread version w/o the calculations, because they are fairly complex and I didn't feel comfortable just turning in one piece tank tread that they don't know what to do with. 

these are the calculations and also indicative of modeling standards which might need to be addressed.Tread calculations page 1Tread Calculations page 2

Animation notes jpeg copy

this wouldn't accept a pdf so I put the pdf notes in the media uploader under other (Game Producer) in the assets section so if you needed to copy/paste something it was there.