3D animation standards

Project: Armament
Role: Game Artist 3D
Completed: 78.55 Cpl Daniel de la Rosa Game Artist 3D
Start Date: 8/19/2018 17:57
End Date: 8/25/2018 12:31
Meet with a lead member and collaborate on animation standards for our assets.  Discuss things that we will need to do in order to have a solid pipeline from model creation to animating to unity
3D animation standards

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1.00 HR.
this is how I think the character rig should look.

we probably don't need some of the controls.  It's made with circles rather than bones.  I just need to make this in blender.  but I probably need a character to make it to scale.
3D Animation Standards

1.00 HR.
hour long discussion w/ Jonathon about various aspects of model standards.


Hello TC Team,

I would like to bid on this project.

Here is a rough draft of sorts.  It is the heirarchy
of the rig.  I don't believe you should use bones when parts don't need to deform.  This is in maya, but I believe I can duplicate in blender no problem.  The circles are handles .  I usually make one for each axis of rotation because when the engine gets 3 or 2 rotating coordinates it does not always create a good solution for movement and you can make a mess.  This way always keeps the direct path in the movement graph.  I just need to look at the way you key blender.  Here is what I need to show in th e outline.  3D Animation Standards

I just need to convert this to blender.  I will need a figure to rig this.


@daniel remember this agenda was for the meeting we had.  All you have to do is log the time for our meeting and submit this agenda.  you dont have to do anything with animation thank you for all your help :)