Voxel trees

Project: Armament
Role: Game Artist 3D
Completed: 78.55 Cpl Daniel de la Rosa Game Artist 3D
Start Date: 8/12/2018 13:52
End Date: 8/25/2018 12:31

We need 9 trees made with the voxel engine.  There should be three variations of three trees.  some examples.





voxel to unity standards

Makes sure to read these to make sure the asset is completed using our standards.  

example example example example


Complete Task
1.75 HR.
I'm going to log this time now to keep current, I'm looking at a quick blender tutorial.  Then I'll spend my last 15 minutes converting my trees.

If I have to go back and change something it should be quick.

0.25 HR.
Literally took a couple minutes. 

0.25 HR.
Literally took a couple minutes.  OBJ to FBX Conversion.


@jonathon, is there a palette template for this or
should I just make one from the palette in the GDD Standards for Model Creation?

Hey daniel Just use the default palletes from magika voxel for now


Tues Thunderstorms delayed me a bit.   Here
are screenshots for troubleshooting.  I may have gotten carried away while practicing w/ voxel.  If there are too many polys in the leaves let me know.  It's quick and easy to change.  Lot of merits to this app.Maple 1

Maple 2

Maple 3

Oak 1

Oak 2


Pine 1


Pine 3

Looking good Daniel

I agree those look fantastic great job are they ready to be turned in yet?

Are there too many polys on those?

Getting the blender uv texture figured so I can cut this map.

shouldn't be too long.

daniel remember when we talked?  Your not supposed to be messing with uv or textures

yes, I do.  I couldn't see my uv s in the editor, so I thought I must have to drag them on.  I was too ignorant to change the view screen.    I should have recorded the meeting and I should have said import one item.  So I don't 2nd guess my memory.  Really sorry you had to wait for such a simple project. 

please let me know it there is are any discrepancies in this.  I will be checking and will get it immediately back to you. 

@daniel no problem at all :)  Just take your time id rather wait than rush it and have to redo it six times.  Ill review the assets and get back to you soon :) 

@daniel do you still have the original voxel file still 

yes excuse me for not seeing this.