MVP Update Check

Project: Armament
Role: Game Designer
In Progress: 16.58 Pfc Teoh Zhun Nian Game Designer
Start Date: 8/7/2018 10:50
End Date: 8/21/2018 10:50
Make sure all scripts that where created by programming in the last 21 days are included in the MVP build.

Check the functionality of the MVP for any issue we need to work out.
MVP Update Check

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0.25 HR.
Everything looks good so far but am unable to select units NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
ScriptSelectionManager.Unselect () (at Assets/Scripts/Asset/End User/ScriptSelectionManager.cs:153)
ScriptSelectionManager.SelectPlayerUnit () (at Assets/Scripts/Asset/End User/ScriptSelectionManager.cs:66)
ScriptSelectionManager.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/Asset/End User/ScriptSelectionManager.cs:48)


Ok with the MCU now able to show the logs in TFS what else do we need to get this moving forwards?

Unit script is broken robert needs to fix it

Ok Im going to table this until that happens