Refining combat UI

Project: Armament
Role: Game Designer
In Progress: 663.57 SSgt Lead Jono Lansdale Game Designer
Start Date: 7/12/2018 13:45
End Date: 7/26/2018 13:45

Updated asset

Using this as a reference and the newly acquired assets from the previous agenda design and create a fully ascetically pleasing functional combat UI.  The UI should be simple as not to over complicate things and be ready to have scripts placed onto it to give it more functionality.  

Should hit these criteria

  1. Have a slot for resources
    1. power
    2. wealth
    3. oil
    4. population
  2. Selected units panel
    1. avatar
    2. stats box
    3. Units in group
  3. commands
    1. Move
    2. Stay
    3. Formation
    4. Attack move
    5. Build
  4. officer slots
    1. Combat mission support Officer 
    2. Foreign affairs officer
    3. logistic officer
    4. engineering officer
  1. Chat box
  2. Button for the map
Refining combat UI

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