Creating GUI tracks

Project: Armament
Role: Game Designer
Completed: 737.43 SSgt Jono Lansdale Game Artist 3D
Start Date: 7/10/2018 09:09
End Date: 7/20/2018 19:12

go on sketchboard and create the tracks and agenda for the gui tracks and the debug of unit movement and building tracks.


We want these tracks to work as correctly as possible as well as a gui thats fully functional and prepared for moving forward.


communicate with the rest of the team to ensure that the task is set forth are not only the most efficient way to do things but also the most effective.  



This agenda will be added to and changed as needed depending on the conversations and decisions of the team

Creating GUI tracks

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Complete Task
2.00 HR.
Set a meeting with robert to discuss programming task for wed early morning.  Filled in a couple hours of work on sketch board to go over with the team.  I will start making design agendas in a couple hours

1.00 HR.

Spent an hour creating three tracks and filling out two with agendas for design.  Im at a point where i need to find out if a designer or a programer can create a simple pop up model in game.  Im thinking programmer.   I need to meet with a programmer or someone about some questions i have regarding the best way to do the programming work to ensure we have all the scripts available when we have a complete combat UI

I need to speak with the producer to see the best way to acquire simple art for things we are missing regarding the buttons we will be using and icons.  

1.00 HR.
spoke to james through out the day and discussed the focus of our next goals

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