Review Our MVP Status

Project: Armament
Role: Game Designer
Completed: 737.43 SSgt Jono Lansdale Game Artist 3D
Start Date: 6/24/2018 21:11
End Date: 7/20/2018 21:04
we need to update the mvp with movement track building treack universal selection and camera for james to review to make sure it follows the vision of the project   We need to make sure the correct version of RTScamerascript gets uploaded and that agenda 1774 and 75 are corrected and units tilt and line up in rows of 5

Set Camera 1697
Create Terrain
Create Static Objects
Create Units
Create Building

Universal Select 1756
Unit Model 1751
Unit Movement 1774
Natural Movement 1775
Unit Select Circle 1757
Unit Destroy 1751

Building Model 1778
Structure Class 1779
Older Script? 1701
Spawn Building 1780
Destroy 1781

Check Scaling
Review Our MVP Status

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Complete Task
0.37 HR.
Updated TFS / Review

1.00 HR.
Worked on creating terrain with a four way split

0.97 HR.
Started reviewing and attaching scripts

0.33 HR.
Found merge issue working it out

1.00 HR.
Looking over scene after fix to merge

0.92 HR.
patching MCU bugs

2.00 HR.
coding the composition standards into unit

0.83 HR.
Meeting with Robert about the code refactoring

0.58 HR.
Meeting with Jono

0.75 HR.
Meeting with robert

1.00 HR.
Got the project compiled together we are missing the create building functionality

4.00 HR.

Updated asset

Have everything built and ready to go we are missing the selection prefab and building script doesnt work with the UI right now.  Meeting with robert Wednesday at 8 to help build the building script And im meeting with james on saterday to go over standards

1.00 HR.
Met with robert and reviewed building script.  Looks great hes refactoring it now

1.00 HR.
Put everything together into the four corners scene.  Working gui and terrain press build 1-2-3 for buildings and units work with selection and camera checking in now

0.25 HR.
pushed deadline back

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