Considering structure update

Project: Armament
Role: Information Technology
Completed: 17181.56 1stLt Lead James Fleming Game Producer
Start Date: 6/14/2018 08:41
End Date: 6/19/2018 20:06

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Review this flow chart.  This is currently a way we can go about things but its complicating some things.  Id like to find a a better way to structure things to enable us to have more control.  Heres an example of what would be possible for a good solution

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Considering structure update

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agenda Track planning

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agenda track discussions

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Started writing model, logic, controller, view, database

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writing model, logic, controller, view, database

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Bug Testing

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patch work


Created two agendas to help illistrate an idea i had made to @james ealier today.  Would be an option for a team memeber to bid on.  This would give them an outline of soem of the work in this track as well as an estimate to how many hours it would take.  Also giving them the first task and a preview of the task that is next in order to help encourage forthought.  When we get around to having an updated flow chart on the website then this would also help give some idea as to the work ahead.  


If changes occur we will let the team member know to look at the new flow chart and update themselves to better help with forethought.  After that agenda is complete and reviewed which should happen much sooner than ive been handling them so far in order to keep people working and the project moving foward.  After the work has been accepted we would make the next agenda available to them and assign the task to them so they can get started right away.


***putting this in the liason section to help guide @james later when he gets around to completing this agenda