Units attacking units

Project: Armament
Role: Game Programmer
Completed: 177.83 Sgt Robert Peric Game Programmer
Start Date: 4/20/2018 13:34
End Date: 4/26/2018 17:06

We need the units in the game to attack enemy units when commanded to do so.  When the unit is selected the player should be able to right click on an enemy and the unit should move towards firing range, and start attacking.  We need an option to make the unit cease fire as well.  We need to make sure that if the target moves out of range the unit stops firing and re positions as well 

Units attacking units

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Complete Task
0.33 HR.
reading online a bit about projectile

0.67 HR.
Seting up scene and making projectile.

1.00 HR.
Writing script for selecting target and shoting

0.25 HR.
reading online about getComponent to remind myself how to use this.

0.50 HR.
making deselect part

0.67 HR.
testing units to fire at enemy and playing with it. setted up fire rate and start to work on firing range.

0.75 HR.
Finished scripts, units now move to target, attacks it and folow it. After health is zero enemy unit destroy itself. It doesnt have any visual effect beside enemy vanishing from scene.


Do we have finished class for units that saves health, and that stuff? I could not find it in project.

this is a bit bigger script so let me know if something needs to be changed