Reviewing free assets

Project: Armament
Role: Game Designer
Postponed: Requesting Member
Start Date: 8/4/2018 18:32
End Date: 8/18/2018 18:32

Download and review these Assets.  Review the GAD and decide weather these assets would be useful for the project.  open a diolog with the creator for questions and thank the creator explaining we might be interested in using them.


Things to keep in mind
  • are these assets really free to use, or modify

  • Would we use or modify these to use with the current project?

  • how malleable are the assets?

  • Do these assets fit our standards as listed here

  • if they dont how much effort would it take to make that happen?
Reviewing free assets

No Public Asset Available

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Agenda is completed.  Need to upload .zip file.  This is a reminder.

Is this still a valid agenda for us Jono?