Start spawning enemies

Project: Armament
Role: Game Programmer
Completed: 177.83 Sgt Robert Peric Game Programmer
Start Date: 4/16/2018 15:38
End Date: 4/26/2018 17:08
We have a Game Manager already that will spawn one unit for the player. We need to expand that to handle enemies as well. Have the script spawn the player, and a couple enemies on the map with a unit and default resources.
Start spawning enemies

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I set up array for enemy units and array for resource manager for enemy. Included both in method for starting game.

0.50 HR.
Tested it to see if it spawns units properly, couldn’t test resourceManager since all of it field are private at the moment.


If I’m getting this right, I just need to adapt current gameManager to spawn enemies as well.. don’t need to write it from scratch?

538.05 SSgt Anthony Michelizzi

That is correct

I updated and checkedIn, but I don’t like the way it’s set up. I think there should be class for enemy and player, and to call them from gameManager. The way it’s set up now is not long term wise by my opinion.

Hey im getting and error?   It says GameStatLogic does not exist in the current context.  Anyone know why im getting this error?

GameStatLogic.cs is locate in Scripts>>logic, can you put both scripts in same folder and try it then?

Let me try that thank you @robert

scripts>>logic also contains gameManagerLogic.cs, thats the script that i updated so try to replace it with this and that should work i hope.

I have gamemanagerlogic.cs in the scripts folder but thats the only thing there.  Did you check it in?  If so it might not have been merged properly


I didnt put it in my sanbox, i just call it from there

o.o i dont have that...hmm okay thank you robert ill look around some more to see what went wrong

hmm, i can upload it in my agenda folder, give me a second

hold off on that for now @robert

Im working with james on the issue now

oh, ok. let me know what to do when you two are done.

@robert okay we have fixed the issue thank your robert go ahead and turn this in