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Project: Armament
Role: Game Designer
Completed: 737.43 SSgt Jono Lansdale Game Artist 3D
Start Date: 4/12/2018 14:34
End Date: 4/26/2018 17:05
Applying scripts to a scene in unity
• Apply all the work we have currently into a scene.  Including terrain, models, scripts and sounds.  Work with james to see where the project currently stands
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Complete Task
3.00 HR.
Researched and gained an understanding on how unity works and functions

1.50 HR.
Worked towards getting all our assets together

2.00 HR.
Had a meeting with james going over my findings.  

2.00 HR.

Dug into the project more.  Currently the MVP hits these criteria.

Camera will snap to the gamecontrollers x,y,z chords.  Camera will NOT pan, zoom, or angle.  Does not respond to mouse or keyboard.


Units are able to be selected.  Deselected.  And can drag mouse to select all units in area.  when units are selected they have a ring around them to show they are selected.  


Selected units will travel allong the map.  units will "fight" over center location if you many units are selected.  Pushing eachother out of the way.  Units also do not appear to be affected by gravity, and dont tilt with the terrain.  


There is a building controller in, with the ability to spawn 3 building types.  These buildings tilt with the terrain.  this is probably ready to be built in with the in game UI, and prototype a unit to spawn buildings

In game GUI scene has UI texture elements laid out in a template.  


The problems listed above need to be addressed as well as well as units being able to spawn buildings, attack other units and attacking other structures.  

1.00 HR.
Made sure camera controls worked.  Found an error where there are multiple scripts in folders.  The sandbox folders of wallace and anthony have duplicate sandbox folders.  This needs to be fixed before i can check in my sandbox i believe.  Will talk with james more about it later

0.25 HR.

Updated asset


Found this error with roberts game menu 1712 object.  Documenting this so i can bring it up later.


[edit]  Was not an error.  Works just fine. [edit]

0.25 HR.

Update**  MVP now reaches these critia

Camera** functional, needs some tweaking to the code and is a little slippery, and slow, but functions correctly.  Controls with mouse, and keyboard to pan, zoom, and q,e to angle.  Currently it rises when going up a slope.  Not and issue for the MVP will get fixed later on the pipeline


Units:  No change.  They move and deselect but do not move naturally.  interferes with all the other scripts.  Need to prevent input when clicking building or pause/quite on the overleys.  Currently when placing buildings will also move units if they are selected.  This paticuler issue probably will get fixed naturally.  Need to correct this.

Building:  No change functions as intended.

Pause and quite menu overly has been added.  Works as intended.  

Terrain is navigable and works fine for MVP.  Though will absolutely NEED to update before vertical slice.  Mesh is corrupt and artifacts show and mess with unit navigation.  

Will speak with @james later on the day to set up a meeting.

0.25 HR.
Found issue.  Selection rectangle for the units is relative to itself.  And does not update to camera angle.  Rectangle needs to be relative to the camera instead.  Simple fix i believe when we go and update the selection function this can be fixed during that time.

2.00 HR.

Checked in project.

  • camera works.  Use mouse to pan.  wasd to pan.  And q e to angle as well as mouse button.  Zoom with mouse wheel.
  • to select buggys press right click to select one.  Drag right click to select all.  Press left click to set destination.  right click the ground to deselect
  • to select on of the white square units left click one or drag left click to select them all.  right click on a blue square unit or a blue rectangle structure to make them attack.  Units will turn red when selected and slowly walk towards the target.  An invisible projectile will attack the target until is health is gone.
  • pause overlay and quite overlay works.  the pause does not stop the square units but pauses everything else.  the quite button exits editor.  
  • building overlay works.  will create three different structures and place them on the map naturally.  

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