Ingame Menu

Project: Armament
Role: Game Programmer
Completed: 177.83 Sgt Robert Peric Game Programmer
Start Date: 3/30/2018 08:43
End Date: 4/11/2018 14:50
When in the Game scene, we need a menu to pause the game, and allow the user to quit the game or resume.

Options can be added at a later time.

Complete Task
0.42 HR.
Reminding myself how unity UI works

1.00 HR.
Making the UI and scripts for pause/resume and quit buttons. Tested pause on other project. It doesn't respond on every click, but works.

0.50 HR.
I fixed pause button and now submiting this for review. Im not sure how media uploader is working so il put asset on google drive.


Does menu need to be visible all the time, or to pause game when some button is pressed and then show menu? Or you have something else in mind?

Hello Robert can I have you upload your files to the media uploader for this agenda please?

Hello James, I uploaded it now.