Thou Curator Content Management System

Project: Thou Curator
Role: Game Producer
In Progress: Continuous Process
Start Date: 3/13/2018 20:52
End Date: 3/20/2018 20:52
This is a place hold for when we are working in the website content management system (CMS).  This is to include but not limited too creating and organizing agenda, meeting, and reviewing member related task.
Thou Curator Content Management System

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Complete Task
0.87 HR.
payment etc

1.00 HR.
Created a few agendas for the programmers and designers

1.50 HR.
Spent 15 minutes every day from april 16-20th and 23-27th reviewing data on the website such as agendas, messages, meetings and tending other responsibilities. 

3.00 HR.
Worked on cleaning the system up as well as updating the flow chart to reflect this spoke to robert and james multiple times sometimes in passing or upwards of 15 min or more.  We discussed how to move forward with the tracks and updateing everyone with the project and its status

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