Thou Curator Content Management System

Project: Thou Curator
Role: Game Producer
In Progress: Continuous Process
Start Date: 3/13/2018 20:52
End Date: 3/20/2018 20:52
This is a place hold for when we are working in the website content management system (CMS).  This is to include but not limited too creating and organizing agenda, meeting, and reviewing member related task.
Thou Curator Content Management System

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Complete Task
0.87 HR.
payment etc

1.00 HR.
Created a few agendas for the programmers and designers

1.50 HR.
Spent 15 minutes every day from april 16-20th and 23-27th reviewing data on the website such as agendas, messages, meetings and tending other responsibilities. 

3.00 HR.
Worked on cleaning the system up as well as updating the flow chart to reflect this spoke to robert and james multiple times sometimes in passing or upwards of 15 min or more.  We discussed how to move forward with the tracks and updateing everyone with the project and its status

1.50 HR.
Met with robert and built a mock scene for the mvp.  fixed flow chart to reflect this.  Orginized things and helped debuged things so that way we were following standards set.  created and agenda for it and sent james a summry of the meeting.   Robert needs to tweak 1774-75 so that units tilt with terrain and line up in rows of five.  Right now they do not tilt and they line up in a single row.  Found out that RTScamerascript doesnt work again and we need to fix this.  Im thinking of purging the system of the file entirally and uploading the correct one will discuss further with james

2.00 HR.
Had meeting with Jonathan. We made scene to test what we have so far, we decided that unit tilt and formation need to be updated. Also discussed how we can proceed with project.

1.50 HR.
Spend some time last week every day in talk with James and Jonathan regarding general things like talks about code, updating flowchart and short talk about RAT design.

1.33 HR.
Created agendas for the define units and buildings track

0.50 HR.
Created an agenda for working out the details for the GUI coming up.  Spoke with robert to sign up a meet with him on 7/11/18 at some point.  Waiting to speak with james

1.00 HR.
I hosted the meeting Saturday (15 September 18) during which Aaron, Daniel, and I talked about animation and the best practices we need to work out. The meeting ended up split into three recordings due to difficulties with the screen share feature.

1.00 HR.
Hosted and recorded a drop-in meeting session that included Astrid and Cardova. 

3.00 HR.
Working to create storyboard agendas with enough information based on Sunday's meeting with Astrid.

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