Building Creation

Project: Armament
Role: Game Programmer
Completed: 177.83 Sgt Robert Peric Game Programmer
Start Date: 4/1/2018 12:36
End Date: 4/11/2018 14:28

Currently blocked by Action Queue

We need a way to start getting buildings onto the map. Users should be able to

  • press a button that brings up building selection (Command center and a barracks)
  • Users should be able to select a building for placement and check for appropriate resource amounts ( From the Game Manager)
  • Users should then be able to place the building with no overlap of other buildings or units.

Complete Task
0.50 HR.
Set up ui button and panel for building selector.

1.00 HR.
reading about ui and scroling

1.17 HR.
Seting up ui and scripts

1.00 HR.
I implemented script to spawn gameObjects on image click, need to figure out how to drag it with mouse automaticaly when spawned.

0.67 HR.
Reading online about building placement with unity.

1.50 HR.
Implemented part where building folow mouse movement on terain, and building placement on terain.
I finished and il upload it here until my MCU is fixed.


Hello how is this agenda going do you need any help with it?

is this like something you had in mind for selection panel? it suports scroling trought items for now(pictures). I dont know where to find command center and barracks.building selection

Anthony can you help with this one please?

538.05 SSgt Anthony Michelizzi

I'm not sure where the specific assets are at this time. You can use normal cubes, and maybe different colors to simulate the two different structures. That will work for completion

I found command center, and tested it with that, im curious about UI design. Im not sure how shoud it look, or can I just make it like some basic prototipe for now?

538.05 SSgt Anthony Michelizzi

Basic is fine for now. I think we're still working on the UI so it's not 100% right now.

Ok, thats what I needed to know. Il try to finish it in next few days, a bit short on time today and tomorrow.

I made some changes on this agenda and checkedIn in MCU so there shoud be latest version of this agenda.

Ok thank you Robert