Converting to Unity3d Game Engine

Project: Thou Curator
Role: Information Technology
Completed: 17181.56 1stLt Lead James Fleming Game Producer
Start Date: 3/8/2018 09:24
End Date: 3/9/2018 20:27
Converting to Unity3d Game Engine
  1. Backup Everything
  2. Setup Armament Project in Unity3d
  3. Setting Up TFS
  4. Merge Asset using Automation System
  5. Adjust the Member Collaboration Utility
  6. Testing
    1. TFS & Website Asset
    2. MCU
    3. Unity Project
  7. Create Agenda's for Programmers
  8. Send Out Email for Programmer to Come Help
Converting to Unity3d Game Engine

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7.00 HR.
worked on everything with but did not finish the automation part yet

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