Image Screen Shot for Armament

Project: Armament
Role: Game Artist 3D
Completed: 737.43 SSgt Jono Lansdale Game Artist 3D
Start Date: 2/14/2018 14:05
End Date: 2/22/2018 09:25
We need a few screen shots for our landing page to show off our game concept.

Complete Task
2.00 HR.

Worked out how im going to render and compose each image.  Decided on an action shot showcasing gameplay and a terrain shot showcasing our dynamic environments.  


Worked on the action scene for the camera position and lighting.  Here is a peak at its current state


Updated asset

Im going to have some action go on in the path way as well as have a base set up off in the distance towards the top of the piece.  Im going to bring in models and post them to showcase some action.  Im not 100% sure how im going to do the action as in exploasions and bullets, im still working on that.


I also plan in bringing in a sky piece and create some water as well.  After i have the scene composed the way i want to im going to render then image in 4k best i can then i will bring it into gimp or some other editing software to add the final touches to really make the picture pop with some quality

2.78 HR.
Reasearched composition ideas and materials to make a good shot.  Also looked at how other people in the industry compose their promotional art as well to see if i can glean anything from them

1.00 HR.

Worked on figuring what assets i want to use and work with.  Got a list and got them into a special folder for myself and my work flow.  I chose not to use any units that would fly simply because i didnt want to take on that challenge along with the others.  





jungle commander

soldier 01

jcb hmee


power generator



missile silo

oil rig

medic tent

oak trees

fir trees

m1 abrams

btr 80a


bullet flare

field gun

field gun crate

field gun round 1

guard tower

Damaged apt bldg

small buidling store




That is what i have so far im sure ill be adding more as i start on the composition

0.50 HR.

Updated asset

This is where im at right now.  Ive got some units place and structures but im not sure on the scale of somethings quite yet.  Currently trying to find a way to organically place trees around the terrain

1.00 HR.
Researched particle systems and experimented with Sky maps

5.00 HR.
Sat down and experimented with various software and techniques.  I know how i wants these final images to look and what i need to do so, just spending the time to really learn the finer points of using these tools.  Things i was looking at dealt with how krita works with their filtering effects and mediums.  I also figured out how to use blenders compositor to do things such as render more than one image and have more control of the outcome.  I felt that was going to come in handy later.  I looked into some great compositing software as well and got Natron though i haven't had much time to work with it.  Its a node based software so i dont think ill have to much trouble.  

2.00 HR.
Finished vehicle renders

5.00 HR.
Worked out workflow for the rest of the renders

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