Thou Curator Social Media

Project: Thou Curator
Role: Game Producer
In Progress: Continuous Process
Start Date: 3/13/2018 20:45
End Date: 3/30/2018 20:45

Complete Task
0.25 HR.
Added the tank to our list. I still need to get in touch with Instagram. Their email server keeps kicking back so I will have to call.

6.50 HR.
I created multiple .png files using color variations in the logo. I used these to make a few GIFs as well as a .png for Linkedin (they don't allow GIFs).

1.00 HR.
I uploaded the Color Blinking TC Treasures Teamwork GIF in buffer and the .png for Linkedin and posted to social media. After this, I had to go back and manually change the postings since the GIF didn't carry over when posted through buffer but did work when I posted it directly.

0.42 HR.
Facebook post showing milestone of 200 likes. Also changed the logo on Facebook to have a mint green background to add a little color. Logo still black inkblot with red/white.

1.95 HR.
Created another GIF. This one is to announce videos of team meetings posted on YouTube. Reads, it is time indie with red background on traditional black inkblot.

1.00 HR.
Social media postings announcing that John Bowden will be part of the team meeting.

8.00 HR.
Recorded the team meeting then converted the audio/video for the team meeting into a video form complete with Thumbnail. Editing of this video took substantially longer than it should. We need shorter meetings. 

1.50 HR.
Posted the Team meeting complete with thumbnail to YouTube and posted the link to other social media accounts.


I made a post originally for the armament video agenda, however if i'm correct this one would be fore more TC oriented videos and in that case should i forward that post here?

Where it is, is fine for now Tessa will handle it I'm sure for what she thinks is necessary for us to get it done and assigned out to an agenda.

James Fleming