Armament Content Management System

Project: Armament
Role: Game Producer
In Progress: Continuous Process
Start Date: 2/7/2018 10:12
End Date: 2/18/2018 10:11
This is a place hold for when we are working in the website content management system (CMS).  This is to include but not limited too creating and organizing agenda, meeting, and reviewing member related task.
Armament Content Management System

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Complete Task
0.80 HR.
Created 2d agenda for proof of concept

1.00 HR.
Had a meeting with Jonathan and Wallace however Wallace had computer issues so not much progress was done on the programming side.  I've sent out a message to him today to see if he was stable yet to get into another meeting with him again.

0.25 HR.
Cancelled 3d artist agendas for sand barrier, watchtower, helipad, press tent, and sonar structure as we either have the asset already or do not need the asset so we can keep moving foward. 

0.25 HR.
I noticed allot of the assets we own have some minor problems that need to be fixed.  I wanted to make a list so i can jot them down that way later we can just go through and fix them all at once.  Such things include normals, origin location, fractal issues, and allot of other minor things.  So i made a wiki so anyone can list an issue they see.   

1.00 HR.
working on agenda creations

1.00 HR.
merging agenda into TFS and communication with the members about it.

1.00 HR.
organizing agenda and the team

3.00 HR.
Fixing Wiki and Setting up new come members

1.13 HR.
Setting new members up and getting them started.

1.75 HR.
Discussion and agneda planning

0.98 HR.
Code reviewsa

1.00 HR.
Moving agenda's around

0.78 HR.
Correcting agendas

1.00 HR.

Review wallaces RTS camera script and sent it back to him to correct.  


Roberts enemy spawner script was erroring out because he was referencing a script that MCU did not put on my system.  worked with james to get this rectified 

2.00 HR.
Updating code for review

1.00 HR.
art direction review

2.50 HR.
Created agendas and reviewed current project.  Worked on and created a flow chart that will be reviewed and uptaded later this eveneing with james

4.00 HR.

Spent 15-30 minutes most days from april 27- may 4th responding and helping team members with various task or just reviewing progress or any updates.


As well as editing some agendas and defining some

0.85 HR.
review and agenda research

0.50 HR.
Agenda Review and Follow up conversations

1.00 HR.
Corrected some agendas in the game designer field.  They were supposed to be in programmer

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