Proof of Concept Action Shot

Project: Armament
Role: Game Artist 2D
Postponed: Requesting Member
Start Date: 2/6/2018 15:56
End Date: 2/17/2018 15:56
Create an image that will show our current art style with the flare we are looking for.  

Action shot containing units attacking and the level of detail we want in the graphics.

Make sure you review GAD 

If there is not a direct reason for having a detail filled in leave it blank so the artist can be creative.
Scene Name: Airlift Assembly
Where: Jungle Terrain w/River
  1. Airlifting units into a helicopter transport for deployment.
  2. Airlifting one tank by helicopter transport for deployment
  3. Soldier coming into the scene as more helicopter coming into the scene to airlift.
Why: Going to war
Who: Your Command Units
When: Early morning 0500
How: Air Transport Helicopter
Rising Action:
(what is the cause of said action)
A surprise attack
(the action)
Loading of units
Falling Action:
(effect of said action)
Take off
(the end result of said action)
Units loaded into helipcopters
Layout Type: 8 x 11 image
Speech Type: Bubble
Ideophones: Action Type: Moving
Pronunciation: Stomp/Marching
Proof of Concept Action Shot

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