Asset Bundle Package

Project: Armament
Role: Game Artist 3D
Completed: 94.26 Cpl Alexander Martina Game Artist 3D
Start Date: 2/10/2018 15:12
End Date: 2/12/2018 21:42

Complete Task
1.50 HR.


Alexander How is the progress going with this agenda?  Can we see some samples?

Yup... I will add some screensshots today ;)

Alex, I have not seen a preview of the asset yet did you try to upload them?  Just a screen shots what we are looking for right now.  The below image is our art level of detail we are looking for.  Kind of a blocky like model

A-10 Thunderbolt II

Bell AH-1 Cobra

Ok tomorrow I will have the rest of the assets ready for you guys :)

Please make the deadline at 10PM
9AM is to early for me.


Will need one more day of work.
Sorry for the inconvenience :(

No worries I set it out a ways.

Didn't understand that :s

I set the due date to 2/2/18 so you have a few days.

Hahaha got it ;)

I have uploaded asset #1
Hope is ok like that... Can you verify and let me know if you need it more lowpoly than that please?

I know you sended me some reference but to me it just looked like a simple box with some edges :s

But if its to high in poly count I will go more lower.


The asset need to be really low poly like the drone in the screen shot to match our art direction.  The asset itself looks amazing but given our GAD we need it match our art style.

James Fleming

Got it boss will re-upload the new version with the rest when they done ;)

Glad atleast you like it

Any update on this with the uploaded assets?

Hey we still need both of those asset to be more square.  The engine on the A-10 should not be round and the attack helicopter is rounded all over.  Can you please adjust it for us.

Got it boss ;)
Also I saw you guys discussing some stuff.
I have an offer for you guys and if you guys agree I think it will be a good thing.

You guys have look like need some good help in some areas...
What do you guys think if you guys can make me an offer for a monthly bases... That will include graphic design, even web maintenance and some easy 3d stuff... if the offer is good I may do all modeling for that price... So what you guys think?? 

Alex Thank you for the offer its nice you want to jump in and help but our agenda system was created so we can stay organized and know what is going on.

Hi any update on the assets review?

Alex yes that A-10 looks good to go.

Ok I will get all models done same way then... Please update agenda with 1 more day please

The bell helicopter looks spot on how much long do you think it will be before we get all the assets?

Hello Fleming,

Did understand what you mean with the "looks spot".
About the rest of the assets im lowering the last 8 I think by tuesday morning or around 12pm

Hi Fleming,

Morning... Im waiting on your reply about what you said previous about the Bell Heli.

Oh sorry I said "The asset was spot on" mean it look exactly like what we want our models to look like.  The sharp edges and low poly i think look really good together and is are preferred art style for the game.


Was feeling a little nervous already ;)
All coming like that...
Im gonna upload all together.

Here is a good picture of the asset we are looking for I found this on our site figure I would share it with you.

Yep I saw it

Here im attaching 8 assets.
Please review and will have the 6 missing ready by tonight or tomorrow :)

Alex we can not open zip file from the website will you please upload them one by one.

Can you guys clean the assets in the list??
Im trying to upload but its stays in 6

I have set the none usable ones to deleted.

Ok 9 Assets added for review :)

Hey alex I looked at some of you assets and first off they look great!  I really enjoy your work.  However I noticed most if not all your assets were exported with smooth shading on rather than flat.  I think your assets would look much better with flat shading on instead.  


Updated asset

Heres an example.  On the left you have smooth shading and on the right its turned off.  Given our current art direction being low poly we want to imply curvature and detail through the geometry of the mesh.  Rather than having a high poly mesh with advance textures you imply all the detail with the angles and lighting.  So by applying the smooth shading it actually takes away detail rather than add.  I think that if you export all the models with the flat shading on they would look great!  :) 

Thank you so much Jonathan ^_^
Glad you like my work...

Ok I will remove the smoothing groups and re-export one for test first...
If its good then I will export all of them using same method ;)

Delete all asset and I will add them again.

These asset have been cleared thank you.

@Jonathan excellent work in seeing that will you do me a favor and add that to our wiki modeling standards so I can use it to review going forward please.

Asset uploaded for smoothing groups review.
Will be waiting on reply.

Is ok as exported?

Yes the FBX file are what we ask for when exporting.

@alexander Yes!  So sorry i was handling something yes it looks great just export all your models using the flat shade just like

@james yes i will update the wiki 3d standards 

Good uploading the rest now ;)

Uploaded the ones I have ready.
Will keep uploading the rest as finish each ;)

These asset look awesome Alex thank you.


Morning bosses...

Any comment on the ships?

Hello Alex thank for these asset they look good.

Review for last ship san jacinto please.

1 more asset to go juhuuu :p

Tonight last assets will be uploaded ;)
Then im done with this agenda finally :)

What would be nest?

Excellent I will get these setup as soon as possible.

Ok boss ;)

Whats next for me?

This agenda has been completed :)
Please review and set as done.

Hey sorry i didnt say something sooner but @Alex would it be to much trouble for you to post and image or screen shot to every asset?  It would be extremely helpful to my workflow when i am going over the assets on the website?

Sure boss ;)

What kind of screenshot you need?
Only from the assets or how there were modeled?  The screenshot you have for the asset is perfect.  I noticed you have 4 or 5 up like this if you could do this for the rest of the assets in this bundle and maybe future assets you upload that would be perfect :)  I updated the 3d art wiki standards with a list of things we would like to see in our assets.  Here is the wiki.  If you could do this that would be awesome and helpful.

Thanks alex :D 

Got it boss ;)

I see about the facing direction of the assets and the normals and the freeze transformation of them...

Did you got any of these issues with my models?

I will post all screenshots later today... Im outsite till later.

Nope I havnt noticed any issues.  If you look at this page   

Youll see a list of all our assets.  Its much easier to preview an image on the site than to open the asset up thats all :)  

Good to know :)

Im turning on my pc now to upload the screenshots for you guys.






Thanks alex I will put these where they need to go.  Next time when you upload assets put the image in the description of the asset when you upload it like you did with this one

It doesnt show up like before...

I just did upload a ZIP files with all screenshots.
Because here its just make them small...

See our Work conversation to see the ZIP file

Thank you Alex I got it.