Create Xenko User Interface for Game

Project: Armament
Role: Game Designer
Completed By: 201.46 Sgt Jonathan Lansdale Game Designer
Created: 11/13/2017 14:05
Create Xenko User Interface for Game

Using the assets that have been uploaded lets create the look and feel of the user interface in the game.

Create Xenko User Interface for Game

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Elapse Time: 0.25 hr
so this one will be done using the Member Colaboration Tool
Modify the exsisting prefab interface most likly under level
Before doing thank run the game make sure its stable
Notes for me later

Elapse Time: 0.25 hr
UI element

Elapse Time: 1 hr

Worked on getting the Ui into xenko.

1.  created the neccisary template from the UI sprite sheet.

2.  created combat UI page

3.  added page to interface prefab

4. made default scene "xenko" scene and added the UI elements to that

5.  Passed it off to james so he can work on some stuff with it.  Functionality and what not.  


Going to be doing a bit of reasearch on ui elements why may be missing.  Reviewing other xenko projects for that as well.  

Elapse Time: 1 hr
Reviewed xenko Manuel on how to create a working and functional UI in xenko

Elapse Time: 1 hr
Worked on the scene to get it showing the UI when executing. 

Elapse Time: 1 hr
I reviewed the templates in xenko and found they had no UI elements.   I thought about what we have and what we might be missing and came up with a short list.   
  1. A display that shows important info in regards to the players standings with the other players.  Such as resources, units, territory control, etc.  This can be where they may trade things as well.  This would probably be set to a hot key such as [tab]
  2. A display showing the map. Probably a hot key such as [M-key]
  3. A display that shows info regarding the squads under your command. In this I mean units you have grouped together.  This would be useful from a tactical standpoint.   

16826.41 1stLt Lead James Fleming Game Producer
If you do a get latest I have the UI showing up now in Xenko.

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