Shipyard Structure Reference Image

Project: Armament
Role: Game Artist 3D
Completed: 737.43 SSgt Jono Lansdale Game Artist 3D
Start Date: 10/4/2017 21:01
End Date: 10/10/2017 13:18
We need a reference concept image for the item below. The art style we are using can be found here for you to review and use. Keep in-mind that nothing other then the guidelines we have set forth will be accepted as we want the game to keep one standard art direction.

It is important that you review the art direction and understand it 100% if you have any question please ask.

Shipyard Structure Reference Image

The shipyard allows for ships to be created in the water.  This should be something like a dry dock.  Some research on this might be needed to come up with a clear idea outside what is provide here.  

We are looking for black and white only at this time.

This image should be at a slightly top down angle.  If you notice on the art style the camera for the game is always top and slightly tilted.

The asset you are creating will be given to other members for additional work.

Image for Concept Drawing:
These images are to be taken a bit lightly please be creative but always realistic in putting these reference images together as they will be apart of a bigger picture that when everything is put together should be a beautiful work of art.

    Building Design Concept  
Dry Dock

Image & Model specification sizes & format should be reviewed on the art style wiki at the bottom.
Shipyard Structure Reference Image

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Complete Task
1.00 HR.

Watched The Giant Waterside Construction | Shipyard Documentary - Documentary Films  To gain a better understanding on the process of shipyard functions

1.00 HR.
More videos more research.  Started with a rough sketch to get an idea.  After that I started work on the first draft of the model.  This is my progress so far.  I plan on modeling a 100-ton crane and placing that maybe two in the scene.  updated model

3.53 HR.
Even MORE research.  To much to place here but many a documentary on various different things relating to shipbuilding and shipyard construction.  I felt like this is one of the more complex projects ive worked on so im doing my best to stay educated to the topic at hand.   Or maybe I just needed an excuse to learn about a bunch of cool learny stuff.  Oh well im documenting it as reasearch anyway

3.00 HR.
Updated the model.  (Cant upload screenshot as of right now)  I added in a 100 ton crane quite a few (propane tanks?)  A frew structures and a truck.  I plan on surrounding the perimeter with a stone wall like you would see surrounding a building downtown. This one is a little dificult for me seeing as its supposed to be a structure you can build for your army and to supply your army with ships however this structure shouldnt be a (in-the-field)  structure being that shipyards are gigantic and usually have citys sprouting up around it.  I may be looking into it to much but I dont plan on adding sandbags and military tents to this.  Please let me know if this agenda is going in the right direction 

1.00 HR.
updated model

1.00 HR.


I love your researching ability you have with this video you showed me.