New Terrain for Level Design

Project: Armament
Role: Game Designer
Completed: 737.43 SSgt Jono Lansdale Game Artist 3D
Start Date: 9/9/2017 09:14
End Date: 9/25/2017 22:43
Design a new level
New Terrain for Level Design

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Complete Task
4.00 HR.
gained a new understanding in how to create terrain using L3DT and importing it into blender.  Learned how to navigate blender based off a few tutorials.  Currently still learning how to navigate blender

2.00 HR.
Got more progress in blender.  Recreating a scene based off tutorials.  45% finished...ish

2.00 HR.
More work done in blender.  Learned basics of shader work and more tools for modeling

4.00 HR.

Finished a 9 part tutorial on modeling in blender.  Created a scene learned about short cuts to various tools, node basics for shaders and textures, a basic understanding on how to model in blender. 

Tutorial from Blender Guru

2.00 HR.

Learned the entire process for creating terrain. 


Step 1.  Run L3DT to create the collada for the terrain.  Build the terrain and texture here using the editor.  Build hight map first then terrain to keep it consitant. 

step 2:  after you export it as a collada import to blender.  Render, make sure all the textures loaded correctly.  after that export it as a FBX file (filmbox) 

step 3, import model into Xenko. 


A basic guideline for myself and anyone who might need it. 

1.00 HR.
Learned more about level design.  Grabbed some existing examples and created a few more to go over with james. 

4.00 HR.
Started working on final terrain.  The reason i am listing this as research, I spent quite a few hours experimenting with Photoshop to create symmetry in the piece.   I created half the terrain then exported it as a png brought it into Photoshop then mirrored the image and exported the hightfield as a png.  The problem that occured was it created allot of noise and made the terrain bumpy to all hell.  Not to much of an issue i smoothed it out in L3DT but if problems occur in the future such as rendering issues it might have something to do with the process i used.  Just something to note.  Terrain is finished and ready to go into xenko and be worked on there.

3.00 HR.

Terrain is finished ready to go into Xenko.  I brought it into my own test setting and it appears everything works as it should.  I scaled down the tank to 0.2 and i could fit four in the pathway through the mountains.  Im requesting review because i am ready to bring it into the Armament xenko file through MCU.  Also i remember discussing with james about bringing in trees into the piece.  I was unable to find any trees in the game files so I would like to know specifically what I need to do with that if i need to do it or if I am supposed to for this agenda.

I have no included a skybox in the build as It is not my priority at this time.  Should i still work on one for this agenda as well? I believe I am 90% finished with this agenda and just need to do the last 10%



@Jonathan The DDS format we where talking about is for sky mapping. We dont need to worry about this until after the terrain is finished. Do you have a terrain rendering in Xenko already?

Hey James (hopefully i did this right.) Yes and no! I have been working on some terrain files I guess next step is getting it INTO Xenko. ( i can google that im sure) Thanks for the DDS information for some reason i thought it had to do with compression, and skin mapping. Once I get something in xenko Ill have some questions in regards to Polish/demensions any specifics you want in it. Maybe if you could get me a check list of things you want so i can insure professional quality that would really help out as well. Though i think i have most of what you want in memory anyway.

@Jonathan Keep up the good work yes once you get it imported into Xenko let set up a meeting to talk about how and what needs to be there. We can use team view as it is the easiest for me.

Ok is this checked in using the MCU program so I can download it and review it?

Updated Game Armament.sln duplicated death match scene, named duplicate sample death match scene. Created a model/texture/material/prefab called sample terrain 1559. Added that to sample death match scene. Scaled m1a2 abram down to 0.2 scale and placed four on the path between the mountains to represent their scale. I tried to check in and this was the error message i got. "Unhanded exception error" (omited the rest of the line) Workspace JFLEMING;curator785 does not reside on this computer.

Workspace JFLEMING;curator785 does not reside on this computer. this is not correct... uhmm will you go to File>Team Foundation Server and then do a reset on it please?

Okay so i checked in no issues i think

Ok so did you get trees and other models on this terrain I am going to download it right now to see what has happen.

Only models i have are the tank models. I did not find any trees and was actually inquiring on what you wanted me to do with that? If you do want me to find a model/import it/ and then add it to the scene. But I do have everything on the terrain side of things finished. And texture could use some more color but necessities are there

The model for the terrain you submitted is fine for now thank you.

Good if there is anything more i can do for it just let me know!