T 54 Unit Model

Project: Armament
Role: Game Artist 3D
Completed By: 201.46 Sgt Jonathan Lansdale Game Designer
Created: 8/10/2017 18:29
The art style we are using can be found here for you to review and use. Keep in-mind that nothing other then the guidelines we have set forth will be accepted as we want the game to keep one standard art direction.

T 54 Unit Model


Image for Concept Drawing:
These images are to be taken a bit lightly please be creative but always realistic in putting these reference images together as they will be apart of a bigger picture that when everything is put together should be a beautiful work of art.

t - 54 tank

Image & Model specification sizes & format should be reviewed on the art style wiki at the bottom.

T 54 Unit Model

Complete Task
Elapse Time: 5 hr
Reasearched the most effective way to model the track on the tank.  I wanted to make sure it was fully riggable before finishing it.  NOTE:  The tracks are not boolianed.  I couldnt figuire it out and i think its fine but there is some overlapping mesh

201.46 Sgt Jonathan Lansdale Game Designer
T 54 Unit Model  updated model

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