Power Generator Structure Model

Project: Armament
Role: Game Artist 3D
Completed: 737.43 SSgt Jono Lansdale Game Artist 3D
Start Date: 7/3/2017 18:34
End Date: 10/3/2017 21:13
The art style we are using can be found here for you to review and use. Keep in-mind that nothing other then the guidelines we have set forth will be accepted as we want the game to keep one standard art direction.

Power Generator Structure Model

This is a power generator used to power the base in the middle of no where this should be a real representation of this equipment.

Image for Concept Drawing:
These images are to be taken a bit lightly please be creative but always realistic in putting these reference images together as they will be apart of a bigger picture that when everything is put together should be a beautiful work of art.

 Power Generator   Building Design Concept Sandbags Another example of building
Image & Model specification sizes & format should be reviewed on the art style wiki at the bottom.
Power Generator Structure Model

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Complete Task
3.00 HR.

Researched various different creators in how they model buildings and structures for an RTS.

Also how best to compose all the elements of the structure best way i can. 

Started to model the structure  Updated model


Remove and remodel sandbags

Create more structures to help better identify the generators. 

4.00 HR.

Updated model
Modeled Generator, Barrels, electric poles, wires.  

Still need to reorganize the scenes composition and finish modeling sandbags. 

Im not sure the best way to export this model when its finished.  At the moment I have a plane mesh where the "ground" is.  Ill need to make sure if thats necessary for the structure or not.  


Cannot complete sandbag model until Wednesday evening so i can go over the best way to complete that with James. 

4.00 HR.

Finished working with this model.


Steps I took to create the sandbags.

1.  Create cube mesh

2.  I used the bevel modifier and applied it

3.  I used the array modifier to create the perimeter

4.  Go into edit mode and move the individual sandbags into a more appealing design

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