Create Unit Classes

Project: Armament
Role: Game Programmer
Completed: 17181.56 1stLt Lead James Fleming Game Producer
Start Date: 7/9/2017 18:00
End Date: 7/16/2017 18:00
Forum: Sprint Discussion
We need a base class for all unit types such as Sea, Land, Air, and Space.
Create Unit Classes

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Complete Task
3.00 HR.
Worked on creating base classes and sync classes

4.00 HR.
Finished a layout design on paper of how to put the classes together to allow full control over the instance of the game objects

0.92 HR.
Working on what properties each unit should have

1.00 HR.
Add more properties and prototype the concept

0.95 HR.
Rename a few classes for organizing the code

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Scrum Sprint 20170709 for Armament

By: 17181.56 1stLt Lead James Fleming Producer

Start Date
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Now that the GUI is up and running with network support we want to turn our attention to the game play.  We will start with the terrain and move into the asset that need to show up on it.

Starting Sprint Team Members:
25.03 LCpl Zackariah Romasz Game Programmer
16303.77 1stLt James Fleming Lead Game Producer
5152.98 WO Tessa Toney Game Producer
507.40 GySgt Robert Cordova Lead Game Sound Effects
31.34 LCpl Chris Arce Game Writer
29.50 LCpl Jordan Jeffreys Game Artist 2D
527.06 GySgt Anthony Michelizzi Lead Game Programmer

@James Alright sounds good, I will see what I can do! Thank you! I should have it finished tonight or tomorrow morning!

@Zackariah No rotation is needed. But if you want to do a raycast to detect the terrain asset then that would work for the Y axis.

James Fleming

@James I have not implemented that and I am unsure how we want to do that. Maybe a sphere collider or something that when it collides with object it moves the camera in the Y direction and we could set a default height for when there is no collision? Also currently no rotation, not sure if we want any or not. I don't see a need for it but you guys have the full vision for the end look.

@Zackariah Does the camera move on the Y axis when it encounters terrain that is higher or lower?

James Fleming

@James So I have the camera movement via the edge and mouse click. The title of the agenda also suggests selecting objects, I think that would need to be another script component attached to an each intractable object, probably part of a whole interaction system. I am unsure how you want me to proceed with that. Also, is there any other movement that you would like with the camera? I only have movement on the X and Z axis.

@Jordan Oh did you notice the building list is now on the codex?

James Fleming

@Team So some good news here we have the code to start putting asset in the game and attaching the code to them.  The bad news is we don't currently have any land asset for basic testing.  All the assets that have been approved are either sea or air units.  We had a few people try to make ground asset but they turned out really bad and missing parts of the model.  At this time I will turn my attention to creating one for testing.

James Fleming

Welcome, everyone, to another sprint. As we push forward in our project, the challenges we conquer as a team, absolutely amaze me.  With that being said, lets get started :).

Does anyone have any comments, questions, or concerns about the agenda they are assigned too?  If you need your agenda defined better or you're not sure where to start, please post on the kanban discussion any questions and we can start figuring it out as a team.

If this is the first time you have worked on a sprint with our team please have a look at this wiki page, as well as the game design document (GDD)  and then we have this video below to get you started.  If you have any question reviewing these resource please ask away.