Prototype Armament

Project: Armament
Role: Game Designer
Completed By: 16826.41 1stLt Lead James Fleming Game Producer
Created: 5/15/2017 11:35
Create a prototype of Armament and video for the team to understand our goals.

Prototype Armament

Complete Task
Elapse Time: 4 hr
After drawing out a map with basic terrain features (1 mountain, 1 river, 2 wooded areas, 2 suburbs, 4 resource points, 2 spawn points) we proceeded with a turn by turn gameplay which clarified some aspects that needed to be solidified as well as pointed out aspects that were missing from the GDD altogether.  Also, the number of resources we used was narrowed down to the bare essentials.  Excess resources have hence been removed from the updated GDD.

Elapse Time: 4 hr
Ran though game play and discussed the GDD.

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