Terrian vs Model Scaling

Project: Armament
Role: Game Programmer
Completed By: 16783.47 1stLt Lead James Fleming Game Producer
Created: 5/15/2017 09:34
Forum: Sprint Discussion
We need to get a standard for how big real life model scale is to be reduced in the game.  I'm thinking roughly around 0.125 but we need to confirm this.


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After a bit of toying around with the game engine I think 1/16 scale will be what we use for real life models.  Which is 0.063 in decimal form.

I'm not sure of the battlefield scaling yet I need to verify whether or not the battlefield scale effects physic or not.  I would think so... but I will test this later. 
Elapse Time: 2 hr
worked with L3DT software and got terrain into the game engine I think we are good to go with it.

Download and see it tomorrow after 8am when the automation build happens.

Scrum Sprint 20170521 for Armament

By: 16783.47 1stLt Lead James Fleming Producer

Start Date
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We will be focusing on creating the graphical user interface with complete network support.

Starting Sprint Team Members:
16229.87 1stLt James Fleming Lead Game Producer
276.54 SSgt Matthew Baldwin Lead Game Writer
5028.67 WO Tessa Toney Game Producer
503.48 GySgt Robert Cordova Lead Game Sound Effects
509.86 GySgt Anthony Michelizzi Lead Game Programmer

@Anthony Will you give a brief overview of what you are doing in this method for me please.
private void Raycast(Vector2 screenPos, CameraComponent cam, Simulation sim)
            Matrix invViewProj = Matrix.Invert(cam.ViewProjectionMatrix);

            Vector3 sPos;
            sPos.X = screenPos.X * 2f - 1f;
            sPos.Y = 1f - screenPos.Y * 2f;

            sPos.Z = 0f;
            var vectorNear = Vector3.Transform(sPos, invViewProj);
            vectorNear /= vectorNear.W;

            sPos.Z = 1f;
            var vectorFar = Vector3.Transform(sPos, invViewProj);
            vectorFar /= vectorFar.W;

            var result = sim.Raycast(vectorNear.XYZ(), vectorFar.XYZ());

            if (result.Collider == null)

            Log.Log(new LogMessage("Raycast", LogMessageType.Info, result.Collider.Entity.Name));

James Fleming

@Team We are trying a new feature out can I have anyone try to modify the following link and tell me what happens.


James Fleming

Things went way sideways for me the past couple of days. I'm sorry. We will make a meeting.

@James, Looks like somehow it didn't make it on the check in. I switch computers and get it up there

GameProgrammer  - Anthony Michelizzi

@Anthony TFS says it missing the file ClickDetection.cs can you check it in please.

James Fleming


We have begun keeping active Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.  If you have a chance, have a look at our latest posts and feel free to share with your friends!

@Matthew Thank you we will be around Monday all day if you want to get together.  I'm booked solid through the weekend.

James Fleming

I will get more writing done on Monday and tuesday, which is my my weekend.

@James since we still have 9 days left in the sprint, can we try to get Dustin an agenda and contributing right away?

GameProgrammer  - Anthony Michelizzi

@Team After this sprint I will put a message together with our direction for the team in detail so we can go to beta by December see if anyone has any other idea. Tessa and I will also go over our operation plan too to get this game out the door. This will let everyone weigh in if anyone has any other ideas.

James Fleming

@James sounds good, I will have a lot more free time after this week so I'll be around a little more if you need to get together on anything

GameProgrammer  - Anthony Michelizzi

@Anthony Ok we can get together Monday I have to work all this weekend anyways so I'll not be around until then.

James Fleming


I haven't started it. Our project is in UAT this week and it's been super hectic. I'll take a look this weekend.

GameProgrammer  - Anthony Michelizzi

Yes we do.  The Exit Interview email has been completed.  The Welcome email still needs to be looked at.  I will accept that agenda now. 

@Tessa Do we need this agenda anymore?


James Fleming

@Anthony How is the event firing agenda coming along?  Do you have any source code I can look at?

James Fleming

@Team Good morning teammates!  We have updated the home page for this project.  Tell your friends to come have a look.  They can download the current installer of the game and see the awards you’ve earned with your hard work!

@Team I've been having people test our software to make sure it runs on non team member computers.  Given the link below we will only be supporting windows 10 and up.  Windows 8 mainstream support ends Jan of next year.  Once we have this out we will worry about xbox and ps4.


James Fleming

Just tried the game. As per conversation with @James, it shows the scene with the tank, but it also throws socket errors.

GameProgrammer  - Anthony Michelizzi

@Team Has anyone tried to download the game and play it?  Its in the project section on the right under latest builds.  Can anyone download it and see if it works?

James Fleming

Welcome, everyone, to another sprint. As we push forward in our project, the challenges we conquer as a team, absolutely amaze me.  With that being said, lets get started :).

Does anyone have any comments, questions, or concerns about the agenda they are assigned too?  If you need your agenda defined better or you're not sure where to start, please post on the kanban discussion any questions and we can start figuring it out as a team.