Audio File Spreadsheet

Project: The Last Stand
Role: Information Technology
Completed: 17181.48 1stLt Lead James Fleming Game Producer
Start Date: 6/21/2016 18:00
End Date: 6/29/2016 09:39
Forum: Sprint Discussion
Create a spreadsheet that shows the following data:

  • File Name
  • File type (they all should be wav)
  • Bits (should be 16 but I think I remember Sean said he had some at 24)
  • Sample rate 
  • Length (in 00m:00sec:00msec)
  • Type (Music, SFX, UI, and Narrative
  • Channels (Mono(1) or Stereo(2))

The overall goal of this is to have a quick and easy reference of all audio assets.

File Name Sample Rate/ Bit Depth File Size in KB File Type Channels
Duration in seconds
Chicken Cluck 01 96Khz / 24 Bits 186 .wav 2 0.235 SFX

Audio File Spreadsheet

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3.00 HR.
done needs reviewed


Moved to Information Technology role.

Let put this on the chopping blocks for the next sprint.

No problemo!

this one shows a few that are not the same at the bottom

James Fleming

Scrum Sprint 20160621 for The Last Stand

By: 17181.48 1stLt Lead James Fleming Producer

Start Date
End Date



On this sprint we will be working towards getting to know the unity interface more and stabilizing our teams ability to get information they need. 

On the design side I want to start getting asset ready for the game so we will be working with the GDD again to better define the "Mech" area.

Starting Sprint Team Members:
16056.95 1stLt James Fleming Lead Game Producer
467.52 SSgt Robert Cordova Lead Game Sound Effects
427.30 SSgt Matthew Baldwin Lead Game Writer
0.00 Pvt Eric Morgante Game Artist 3D
382.57 SSgt Johannes Natterer Lead Game Designer
467.77 SSgt Anthony Michelizzi Lead Game Programmer
80.28 Cpl Dren Kajmakci Game Programmer

@Johannes that is great can you post the idea here so everyone can discuss them please.

James Fleming


I already worked with unity, I was pretty fast "working" through the tutorial videos.

Ive sent you my account information. How do we proceed? Also I have some general ideas about the game design, if you like I send you a list?

Ok, I got it!

@Robert On the view asset screens you will see a button for adding type. After you create the type you want you can edit any asset and set what type you want it categorized as.

James Fleming

Oh, ok.
How do I do this? :)

@Robert Ok so the only other thing for that would be the type which has to be set on each one you want it categorized otherwise it will say unknown.

James Fleming

@ James

The Audio Asset List looks good! Thanks a ton!


This is what I have completed for the Mech section of the GDD does anyone see anything that needs a better explanation?


Core attributes for each mech, additionally the differences between the mech classes.

  1. Unique Attributes
    1. Each Mech will have a basic attack that requires little resource from the mech to operate as an auto attack feature for the mech to defend itself.
    2. Each Mech character should have between 1 and 6 abilities/skills based on the mech type and role.
    3. All mech will have an inventory area ranging from 0 to 6 items they can use purchased from the store. These items will be limited to wieght limit.
  2. Class
    The different values are just to differentiate between the separate parts of the mechs.
    1. Assault
      1. Role: Fighter class, high damage and a decent amount of health, beginner mech with easy difficulty and abilities.
    2. Engineer
      1. Role: Both helping his teammates and disrupting the enemy team with his special abilities, his fighting skills are limited.
    3. Support
      1. Role: Helping his teammates with his abilities through buffs, distraction, or rounds per minute etc.
    4. Recon
      1. Role: Scout and Sniper class, is able to spot enemies from far away, also can deal a decent amount of damage over a great range.
    5. Commando
      1. Role: A versatile class specilized in some sort of role only such as two skills for destroying an enemy structure.
    6. Tank
      1. Role: Forces the enemies to attack him, hes able to guard his valuable team members.
    7. Assassin
      1. Role:Can destroy core members of the opposing team very fast, but is very fragile.
  3. Mech Properties
    1. Damage: Damage this mech auto attack does.
    2. Heat: Measurement of shutdown based on over extending mech ability to self sustain.
    3. Range: Range of auto attack ability.
    4. Torso Speed: Speed at which mech can turn its upper body
    5. Turn Speed: Speed at which the mech pivots in place
    6. Weight Ton: Payload this mech can carry
    7. Speed: Measurement of how fast this unit travels
    8. Counter Measurment: Resistance to eletornic warfare
    9. Armor: Amount of damage this mech can take before becoming strap metal
    10. Energy: Power source for eletornic warfare
    11. Communication: General commands and communication can be recieved and passed along
    12. Sky: When in the air this is how high a mech can fly.
    13. IsSky: Can fly or jump
    14. Jump: Mesauser distance unit can jump
    15. IsJump: can jump
    16. Depth: Measuer how far underground the mech goes
    17. IsGround: can go underground
    18. Sea: When in water how far undernieght can this mech go.
    19. IsFloat: Can this mech float
    20. IsBallast: Can this mech dive into the water
    21. Stealth: Stealth rating for hiding on the map or posing as an illusion
    22. IsStealth: Is this unit stealthy?
    23. Skills 1 ~ 6:
      1. Variable: Measurement of Effect
      2. Area of Effect: Area in a radius effect takes place
      3. EffectType: Enum of effect list supported by the game
      4. Range: Range this effect can take place from point it is executed byt he mech
      5. Speed: Travel speed of effect
    24. Items 0 ~ 6:
      1. Variable: Measurement of Effect
      2. Area of Effect: Area in a radius effect takes place
      3. EffectType: Enum of effect list supported by the game
      4. Range: Range this effect can take place from point it is executed byt he mech
      5. Speed: Travel speed of effect

James Fleming

Welcome, everyone, to another sprint. As we push forward in our project, the challenges we conquer as a team, absolutely amaze me.  With that being said, lets get started :).

Does anyone have any comments, questions, or concerns about the agenda they are assigned too?  If you need your agenda defined better or you're not sure where to start, please post on the kanban discussion any questions and we can start figuring it out as a team.