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Project: Thou Curator
Role: Information Technology
Completed By: 16210.94 1stLt James Fleming Lead Game Producer
Created: 5/8/2016 19:13
Forum: Sprint Discussion
Create the learning lab area for the website.

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Elapse Time: 2.75 hr
Templated in the sandbox & Setup basic database table for information
Elapse Time: 2.67 hr
Worked on logic layer
Elapse Time: 8 hr
tweaking tweaking tweaking
Elapse Time: 3 hr
Setting up deleting and sub item deleting, tweaking
Elapse Time: 0.33 hr
css change

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Scrum Sprint 20160508 for The Last Stand

By: 16210.94 1stLt James Fleming Lead Producer

Start Date
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We will be pushing forward with getting our game to render the terrain butter.

Starting Sprint Team Members:
6.00 Pvt Keaton Allen Game Designer
6719.91 1stLt James Fleming Lead Game Producer
408.44 SSgt Anthony Michelizzi Lead Game Programmer
560.32 GySgt Melanie Fleming Lead Human Resource
63.00 LCpl Dren Kajmakci Game Programmer
435.32 SSgt Robert Cordova Lead Game Sound Effects

Thank you. I was not sure where else to go from here.

@Anthony Ok I will review it tonight and see what I can find out

James Fleming


I have checked my code, line for line, every element that comprises the terrain. It is 100% no different then the Xenko sample, yet for some reason it refuses to compile. Xenko's shader compiler errors out every time. I cannot make it past this issue in fixing the terrain and currently has consumed vast amounts of hours.

@Anthony Thank you for keeping me in the loop.

James Fleming


I have added you to a conversation with Dren and I regarding the terrain and the code now with the 1.6 update.

@Keaton To get started download the http://xenko.com/ game engine so you can start messing with the UI. Let me know when you have that done.

James Fleming

Welcome, everyone, to another sprint. As we push forward in our project, the challenges we conquer as a team, absolutely amaze me.  With that being said, lets get started :).

Does anyone have any comments, questions, or concerns about the agenda they are assigned too?  If you need your agenda defined better or you're not sure where to start, please post on the kanban discussion any questions and we can start figuring it out as a team.