Support the Terrain

Project: The Last Stand
Role: Game Artist 3D
Completed: 17181.56 1stLt Lead James Fleming Game Producer
Start Date: 2/7/2016 18:00
End Date: 2/15/2016 11:19
Forum: Sprint Discussion
Monitor the terrain generation programming agenda and assist with basic concept models for the game as needed by the programmers.
Support the Terrain

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Complete Task
2.00 HR.
Watch videos for training and practice a bit in blender.

0.75 HR.
Updated blender on the server and installed so I can work on blender project from anywhere.

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Scrum Sprint 20160207 for The Last Stand

By: 17181.56 1stLt Lead James Fleming Producer

Start Date
End Date


20160207 for The Last Stand


We are battling many fronts right now with trying to get the terrain with models build, finishing sound agenda from the last sprint, stabilizing the story outline for the design to incorporate into the GDD.

Starting Sprint Team Members:
380.76 SSgt Johannes Natterer Lead Game Designer
400.82 SSgt Robert Cordova Lead Game Sound Effects
6660.01 1stLt James Fleming Lead Game Producer
0.08 Pvt Dren Kajmakci Game Programmer
413.70 SSgt Matthew Baldwin Lead Game Writer
130.39 Cpl Anthony Michelizzi Game Programmer
104.18 Cpl Shayn Toothman Game Sound Effects

Oh I see my miss understanding sorry.

James Fleming

Either-ways it's all the same for me, just wondering. =)


Ah I see.

I was actually referring to:
> From your comment: Can anyone join me at 12 PM CST tomorrow to see if we can work out why it will not run as a stand alone application?...

12PM CST = 18z.

Were we still on the same page?

@Dren This is really not going to be possible as our system is completely coded to use 24 hr system.  We would have to rewrite a lot of code to make that happen.

James Fleming

Hi @Everyone, if it's OK with you, could we use `zulu time` and `24 hours` time format for meetings. I personally like `12 hours` format better, but when it comes to time-zone changes it feels easier working with `zulu + 24 hours format`.

In summary, everyone compares their local time to `zulu time` and not to each-other. =)

How does that sound?

Best Regards,

@Robert We are going to need to table the meeting for now I need someone where the build does not work to be in the meeting.  As of right now it does not seem anyone is available.

James Fleming

@ James,
Sure, tomorrow is perfect.
As for the latest build, it worked fine for me. I would still like to be part of the meeting @ 12 pm CST.

@James sorry, I can't make it

@Everyone Can anyone join me at 12 PM CST tomorrow to see if we can work out why it will not run as a stand alone application?  If you can make let me know between now and tomorrow before 11AM CST I will add you too the meeting then and we can see if we can work it out.  It will probably be a bit boring as I will have to figure out what is missing in DLL or other files that is stopping it.

James Fleming

@James Redownloaded and the exact same thing happened.

@Robert Do you have some time tomorrow to get into a meeting with me to see if we can figure it out together?

James Fleming

@James, well first my computer asked if I was sure I wanted to run the program. Pretty typical since it is from an "unknown" source haha. I clicked "yes" I want to run it, then I waited a bit, and absolutely nothing happened. Waited some more, and still nothing happened. I clicked to run the .exe again, but this time no security measures came up, and still nothing happened. I'm gonna download it again, and see if the same thing happens.

@Shayn No we need the zip to play as is.  So does it just flash and then go away our you just see nothing at all?

James Fleming

@James, I downloaded the latest build demo, extracted the folder, then ran the and nothing happened. Do i need a certain software installed to run it? The computer I used is running windows 10 64 bit


@Robert This again... phantom error....  Are you using your PC with windows operation system?

James Fleming

@ James,

I am having trouble uploading my files again. I will try a different file.

@Dren Typically when game programming more video ram is better due to having to render graphics in real time in the engine and the game at the same time. Both are fine but if things get more graphically involved you might find the slower card to be faster in the long run due to higher ram. Just things to consider. @James I am pretty slammed at work. Thursday I have the day off and I will try to figure out how to render 3D game objects via code in Xenko.

@Anthony I went a head and add some agenda to my queue for updates to the system. I will work on these until we get to a point we can mess with the model stuff on the terrain.

James Fleming

@Dren Ah I am sorry our game and all the supporting software is windows based only at this time.  I did not realize you where on a Linux system.

Either one of those computer you have posted will work for this project we don't need a lot of power to run it and our target platform will be hardware friendly so we can have as many people playing it as possible.

James Fleming


It seems that in my current computer(linux i386)  the game engine doesn't seem to work at all, I'll be buying a new laptop, until then I'll try to find a replacement so that I can finish this sprint successfully.

@Anthony | @James
Would the following specifications be sufficient for the current game engine?

Samsung 3 Series
2.5 GHz Intel Core i5-3210M prosessor
AMD Radeon HD 8750M - 1 GB
1 TB (1000 GB)

Acer Aspire 5750G-2634G64
Intel Core i7-2630QM 2 GHz (Intel Core i7)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M - 2 GB

Graphic card comparison:

I'm unsure how relevant is the comparison.


@Anthony when you get to a point that you are rendering the models are starting on that please me know. Also can I have you insert the game engine e screen for the terrain.

James Fleming

@Nick Thanks for the update no worries

James Fleming

@James just to keep you update. I am still working to fix me issue. I opened a bug ticket to Xenko ( ), and I am trying to work through their suggestions.

Welcome, everyone, to another sprint. As we push forward in our project, the challenges we conquer as a team, absolutely amaze me.  With that being said, lets get started :).

Does anyone have any comments, questions, or concerns about the agenda they are assigned too?  If you need your agenda defined better or you're not sure where to start, please post on the kanban discussion any questions and we can start figuring it out as a team.