Creating Basic Object

Project: The Last Stand
Role: Game Artist 3D
Completed: 17181.56 1stLt Lead James Fleming Game Producer
Start Date: 1/25/2016 15:23
End Date: 1/31/2016 20:33
Forum: Sprint Discussion
Lets create the following assets to test with.

  1. A Static Cube
  2. A Animated To Part w/Bone Model
Export these into a few different types for testing.
Creating Basic Object

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Complete Task
0.25 HR.
Updated blender to start I have version that is about 6 mo. old.

0.37 HR.
Created 3d Models as requested.

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Scrum: 20160127 for The Last Stand

By: 17181.56 1stLt Lead James Fleming Producer

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20160127 for The Last Stand


We are going to work on the GUI screen we have 5 left to finish.

We need to start working on a static level for now for sandbox testing of art and programming needs.

Sound team will finish their sounds from the last sprint and work on some new environmental sounds.

Art team will be discussing a direction for it.

The testing team we need more intel and input about the GDD.

and finally writing will tight up the flow chart submitted from the last sprint.

Starting Sprint Team Members:
380.68 SSgt Johannes Natterer Lead Game Designer
6650.77 1stLt James Fleming Lead Game Producer
403.12 SSgt Matthew Baldwin Lead Game Writer
0.04 Pvt Fenix D Joan Game Writer
414.77 SSgt Nick Cordova Lead Game Programmer
119.89 Cpl Anthony Michelizzi Game Programmer
104.10 Cpl Shayn Toothman Game Sound Effects
144.74 Cpl Robert Cordova Game Sound Effects
360.81 SSgt Sean Judd Lead Game Sound Effects

@James I am going to suggest that when Xenko 1.6 comes out we try not to upgrade to it until 1.7 comes out. That way we can try to avoid issue like I am having now.

@Nick Ok I will push the build agenda over to me then on the next sprint.

James Fleming

@James I can't push anything because my tasks requirement me to be able to run Xenko studio which it concurring doesn't.

@Anthony Yeah I had to update. Because I had switch computers.   


I just pulled latest from TFS and ran compiled and ran Yankee with no issues no errors. So the error, I'm sure is somewhere in Xenko on your computer. 

@Nick The only time I have seen this error is when updating the project as well.

If you have already downloaded the update I say we go ahead and push it to the latest build which what I was going to do after the sprint was over.

James Fleming

@Nick Looks like a problem with your Xenko compiler. Did you update Xenko past 1.5.2? Otherwise you might need to open in Xenko to find the errors.

@Programmers Any clue on how to fix these errors? I had everything running fine and then when I pulled today. I got these errors. I tried to rollback but that didn't  help. This is preventing me completing my tasks.


@Nick OK I will set the meeting up thank you.

James Fleming

@James TV (TeamView)? And yeah, Thursday at 7:30 pm again would work of me.

@Anthony OK excellent thank you for your hard work on this I'm sure the auto generated part was not easy I look forward to reviewing it.

James Fleming

@James I don't see why you couldn't put assets or anything on it

@Anthony I have not reviewed the terrain yet but would you say it is ready to have assets placed on top of it?

James Fleming

@Nick Would you have time with in the next few days to have a meeting on TV?  I am open M ~ F 5:30 to 9PM and anytime on the weekend please let me know what works for you.

James Fleming

@Robert Sure. I am some computer issues, so it may be a couple days. But I'll check. If for some reason I can't get to it. I'll open a task to do it on the next sprint.

Will take a look at the sound effects from my end this weekend guys and reupload at 16 bit

@Shayn OK thank you for letting me know we can span the agenda onto the next sprint if needed.

James Fleming

GameProducerJames I just wanted to inform you, my laptop has been acting a little sketchy recently, so it might make it a little hard to regularly work on and turn in agendas on time. That being said, I will still try to support in anyway I can. Hopefully I can get the problems fixed

@Anthony Ahh yes I forgot I streamline all of them to get them started thank you for looking into that.

James Fleming


The screens when I pull them up in TFS aren't completed. It has to many buttons from what the GDD says. 

The code for those 5 scenes were last modified on 12/05/15 by you and the scenes were last edited on 12/28/15 by you as well. So if they are complete on your end it looks like you must have completed them all.

No one else has touched them in the past couple months

Thanks, Anthony

@ Nick
I checked my end. The only questionable thing I found was the "bullet shells"
and narration. They are 16 bits, but I left them at 48kHz for the sample rate, not sure if that will affect us. Traditionally 16 bit sound files are at 44.1kHz.
I can easily change this, but I will have to upload all said files again.

To simplify things, would it be possible to get a list of the problem sound files?
I know you are busy, but this would help (if possible).


I will look when I get home t see if I have it written down or not otherwise I'm not sure only the top two look like something I might have touched.

@Programmers After pulling up everything and syncing I find that the screen I am task with doing are already done?

Who did these we need to add your time to them and mark them as completed.

Equipment Screen
Specification Screen
Game Screen
Purchase Screen
Payment Type Screen

I am moving on the networking now.

James Fleming

@Nick I notice Xenko has an update lets wait until the review period to get that done I am working on the screen today and maybe the networking to get it completed.

James Fleming

@Matthew Once the writer members are ready to go can you switch over to the kanban sprint for discussion with them both or one at a time.

Also can you give me a summary of what and how we are proceeding with the character creation I need make sure the design and writers are on the same page so the 3d Modeling can take place.

James Fleming

@Robert background music is fine as is and loaded fine. It's just the sound effects.  

@Johannes In reference to the conversation on the agenda.

Focus is mostly PVP

Right now we just need a starter map keeping in mind Matthew story he is writing.

For now we are looking only for a sandbox but in the end the maps will be 100% auto generated.

James Fleming

@ Nick,
Thanks, I will take a look at everything I have turned in and make sure they are all 16 bits. 


@James and Sound Effects: The game engine only supports 16-bit sound effects and will throw an {"Unexpected exception while loading asset [SoundEffect/Click5]. Reason: The wave file audio format is not supported. Only 16bits PCM encoded formats are currently supported.. Check inner-exception for details."} error. Background Music is not affected by this, but it does look like must of our sound effect assets are higher than 16-bits and thus can not be loaded into the game engine.

@Johannes Do you think we should make a listing of asset with a description for the GDD level?

James Fleming