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An Indie Game Development Studio for Hobbyist!

Our group is dedicated to developing games for all platforms (Windows, Linux, PlayStation, Android, OS X, Xbox). We encourage everyone interested no matter what level of expertise you have to come try it out.

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We design and build amazing things.

Here are our projects being built.

The Last Stand

A 3rd person robot / mech over the top fix camera shooter.
(Current Project)

Century of War

A card & board game that mix military technology and strategy together.

Umbra Lux Conflict

A massively multiplayer role playing game.

Why would you want to develop games with a team?


How / Why we do it?

We have a passion for games so why not make our own?

We are all hobbyist developing games using object-oriented programming languages, 2D imaging software, 3D modeling software, and a high level physics engine. We invite you to join us if you have an interest in game development.

We use the newest Direct-X Paradox Game Engine and C#.NET 4.5+ for the coding and design. For modeling we have chosen Blender and for 2d art we use Gimp. Our team runs an agile/scrum environment for developing games. Which normally runs in 7 days on an 2 to 3 days off increments. We break down each assignement to manageable amounts of time we call agenda or task.

When will this great opportunity happen? Today.


Completed projects make happy members.

Members of Thou Curator are working hard right now to develop all aspects of our team's project.

Game Sound Effects

Game sound creates the game's musical score, sound effects, and voice acting.

Game Designer

A game designer is a person who designs the gameplay rules and structure of a game.

Game Programmer

A game programmer codes a games Graphics, UI, Input processing, physics, AI, etc.

Game Artist

A game artist creates art and models in 2D and 3D for a game.

Game Producer

A video game producer is the person in charge of overseeing development of a video game.

Public Relation

A public relation member handle our social media and social networking needs.

Human Resource

A Human Resources person develops and improves an organizations internal affairs.

Game Tester

A game tester analyzes video games to document software defects as part of a quality control.

Information Technology

An Information Technology person keeps an organization's hardware, software, and network up to date.

Where is this great opportunity located at?

Online & Topeka, KS

Online & Topeka, KS!

Come join us and help make art for the future.
We now have the capability to host meeting over the internet.
Its easy for anyone to join us now!

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