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Thou Curator

We are a team of Indie game developers working toward the common goal of making a game. Join our group—build your portfolio—grow as a team member.
Voxel trees             Animate jet             XML for UnitModel and BuildingModel             Hashing layerstags out             Event Action for Assets             Terrain Type Difference             Building Lay Smooth             Adjust camera so it can tilt to side             F14 TomCat             MVP Update Check            
GUI Buttons             New Member Orientation             Create Map Concept             Starting Condition             Voxel concept             User Interface for MVP             The different states of the game             Nature Sounds             Armament Logo             Creating Ideaphones            
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We are using a game engine called Unity as the main program for game development but we also use a variety of other applications: blender for 3d modeling, gimp for 2d art, and visual studio 2015 for programming, etc. These applications, along with many others will help us and you hone abilities.
If you have an interest in building your portfolio or you just want to create games for fun this could be the team for you. We are looking for individuals to help build games and individuals in the game industry that want to learn and be part of the entertainment world. So, if your plans in life are to be a game designer, game programmer, 2d or 3d modeler or artist, or even a game tester, come join our indie game studio. Let’s see what wonderful art we can build together.
It is time for you to decide to join us as either a hobbyist or as a professional. Look around the public side of the website. Notice our about us page and membership page. If you have any question you would like answered before joining a dedicated team of indie game developers, you can reach us through our contact us page.