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Hello Visitor,

We’re a team of indie game developers in the game development industry. Come join a hobbyist group of game creation enthusiast just like yourself. At this time we’re working on a game title called “Armament” which should be in beta by December of this year.

For the game development mention above we are using a game engine called Unity 3d as the main program but we also use a variety of other applications like blender for 3d modeling, gimp for 2d art, and visual studio 2015 for programming to name a few. These application are all free for working on video games and come with many tutorial for helping create games.

Should you have an interest in making games in any field from game programming, 2d concept artist, 3d modeler, game design / game designer, or game tester etc we would like to give you a warm invite to learn how to make game(s) and get involved with a modivated team. Come try this out and see if you have the true dedication it takes to master the game industry.

This is a big decision for you to make so right now I would like to have you look around the public side of the website pay close attention to our about us page and if you have any question you would like answered before joining a team of indie game developers you can reach us on our contact us page.

James Fleming